LearnStorm School Grand Prize Application
Thank you for your interest in the School Grand Prize! The application deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications.

Finalists and Grand Prize recipients will be announced shortly. Learn more about the School Grand Prize at www.learnstorm2017.org/prizes. Or, email us at learnstorm@khanacademy.org if you have any questions.
Part 1: Prize Overview

The LearnStorm School Grand Prize recognizes and rewards schools that go above and beyond in LearnStorm. All schools that participate in LearnStorm are eligible to apply. Prizes include: 

$500 each for 30 school finalists
$5,000 and a school rally put on by Khan Academy for each of three School Grand Prize recipients

AT&T, the premiere sponsor of LearnStorm, is supporting additional prizes for schools in their headquarters of Dallas County, Texas.

$500 each for nine Dallas school finalists
$5,000 and a school rally put on by Khan Academy for each of three Dallas Prize school recipients

Selection criteria
Khan Academy will select schools based on a review of the following criteria:
1. Engagement in LearnStorm on Khan Academy
2. Use of growth mindset activities
3. School involvement and teamwork in LearnStorm
4. Plan for use of technology
5. Demonstrated need
6. Creativity
7. Quality of application

Submitting an application does NOT guarantee a prize.

Part 1: Basic school information

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School principal's name: *

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What percentage of students at your school is eligible for the National School Lunch Program (% FRL)? *

Enter a number from 0 to 100. Your principal should be able to provide this percentage, or you can look up your school in this database: https://nces.ed.gov/ccd/schoolsearch/.
How many teachers at your school participated in LearnStorm 2017? *

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List emails for all teachers in your school who are participating in LearnStorm. *

Try your best to provide a complete list of emails so we can accurately count all of the learning and hard work in your school. Your principal may be able to help you get the list of participating teachers.
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If all the information is correct, click continue. If you need to make a change, scroll up and edit your responses.

Part 2: Your LearnStorm story

Please describe how your students participated in LearnStorm in a typical week. How did you recognize and celebrate student progress? *

Recommended response : one to two paragraphs
[Optional] Using the upload box below, please upload any photos or videos that help tell the story of LearnStorm in your school. 

By uploading these photos or videos, you consent to Khan Academy sharing them publicly.

To share multiple photos or videos, please combine the files into one zip file for upload.
[Optional] Use this question if you have additional photos or videos to upload.

How did LearnStorm impact your school or classroom environment? *

Recommended response: one to two paragraphs
Share a specific story from LearnStorm that you feel represents the spirit of “Keep going, keep growing” in your school. *

Recommended response: one to two paragraphs
What do you feel is unique or exceptional about how your school ran LearnStorm?

Recommended response: one to two paragraphs
Part 3: Plan for use of technology

What is the current student-to-device ratio in your school? *

For example, if you have 2 students per device, type in 2:1. If you have 5 students per device, type 5:1.
Please describe what technology, if any, is currently available to students in your school. *

Examples of helpful information to include:
- Number of devices in the school
- Device type (e.g., laptop, desktop, tablet, phone)
- Brand (e.g., Chromebook, PC, Mac)
- Age: When were devices purchased?
What new technology does your school need most to participate in initiatives like LearnStorm? Why? *

Recommended response: one paragraph
In one to two paragraphs, please describe your plan for incorporating technology like this into your school. *

[Optional] Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

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Finalists and grand prize recipients will be announced shortly after the application deadline on October 25.